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Air Handlers: What They Are and How They Can Malfunction

Monday, January 8th, 2024

Your air conditioner is made up of a variety of different components that contribute to conditioning the air in your home. But perhaps one of the most important components is the air handler. If the air handler is not working the way it should, your air conditioner may malfunction and stop working to cool your home the way it should.

If you suspect that you have air handler problems, you need to give our team a call to schedule AC repair in Madison, FL. You can also keep reading to learn more about what the air handler is, what it does inside of your air conditioner, and why it is so important. When you can identify the signs of an air handler malfunction, you can stay ahead of an AC breakdown and address problems before they get worse.

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How to Measure Your Heat Pump’s Efficiency

Monday, December 11th, 2023

When purchasing any type of HVAC system, you want to understand the energy efficiency so you can make the best purchase decision. But heat pumps are a little different since they operate as both air conditioners and heaters. This means that there is a unique method for measuring heat pump efficiency.

Will you need to schedule HVAC service in Madison, FL, our team is here to help. We can help you pick the best heat pump option for your home and family. Before you schedule an appointment, you can keep reading to learn more about heat pump efficiency ratings, what they mean, and how to choose a high-efficiency heat pump.

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Do You Have Leaky Air Ducts? Here Are the Best Ways to Tell

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Leaks in the air ducts of a home’s ventilation system are a major problem. It’s easy to overlook how much of a problem because ductwork is purposely hidden from sight in a home behind walls and in the attic. But if you have leaky air ducts, they’ll cost you in money, comfort, and even health.

The solution to leaky ducts is to call us to schedule duct services in Madison, FL. We’ll test the ducts to determine the level of air leakage and then seal up all the leaks, restoring the ventilation system to airtight condition once more.

To call us for duct services, you first have to know there’s a problem. How can you do that when you can’t see most of the ductwork? There are several signs that can warn you of these air leaks listed below.

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Signs of a Failing Compressor in an AC

Monday, September 5th, 2022

The compressor is the literal heart of the AC: it’s what makes refrigerant circulate through the system and go through the process of evaporating and condensing. It’s an extremely powerful component that uses more electricity than any other part of the AC—from 35,000 to 41,000 watts per hour. It’s also an expensive piece to replace if it fails. Homeowners often find it more cost-effective to replace the entire air conditioning system in the case of the burnt-out compressor.

We want to help you avoid running into a problem because of a failed compressor. If you call for AC repair in Madison, FL in time, we can sometimes rescue the compressor and keep your AC working for several more years. 

Below are some warning signs of a compressor that’s failing.

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