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What to Look for in an AC Technician

Monday, April 15th, 2024

If you need to schedule air conditioning service, you want to make sure that you partner with an expert technician. The right person should have the required certifications, adequate experience, and also have a good reputation for quality service. 

When you need air conditioning repair in Live Oak, FL, you don’t want to trust your HVAC system to just anyone. The good news is, you’re in the right place and our team is here to help. You can keep reading to learn more about what makes an AC technician highly qualified to work on your residential air conditioner.

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DIY AC repairs: A costly mistake

Monday, April 1st, 2024

There is such a wealth of knowledge available on the internet today. It’s easy to think that you can complete a quick search online to figure out what is wrong with your air conditioner and fix it yourself. But air conditioners are very intricate systems. What you think it’s a problem might really be something else instead.

It’s so important that you call a professional anytime you need AC repair in Alachua, FL. You can keep reading to learn more about the risks you face when completing DIY air conditioning repairs. Then give our team a call when you’re ready to schedule service for your unit.

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Our Spring HVAC Checklist

Monday, March 18th, 2024

Spring has arrived, and you’re likely already using your air conditioner again for cooling. But before temperatures heat up too much, there are some steps that you should take to make sure your HVAC system is fully prepared for the warm days ahead.

You can give our team a call to schedule service for your HVAC in Lake City, FL. In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about the steps that you should take to prepare your HVAC system for spring and summer. Remember, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, you should bring it to our attention so we can check it out and make sure your HVAC system is working at its best.

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5 Ways Maintenance Saves Money

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

We talk a lot about air conditioning maintenance and why it is so important to invest in the service. We may sound a little bit like a broken record, but we just can’t stress the importance enough. You may see AC maintenance as just another expense. But we encourage you to look at the service as an investment.

In fact, we are highlighting five ways that maintenance can actually save you money so that you can look at it more as an investment than an expense. In many cases, AC maintenance in Lake City, FL actually pays for itself. You can keep reading to learn more about five ways that you can save money when you schedule this valuable service.

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Air Handlers: What They Are and How They Can Malfunction

Monday, January 8th, 2024

Your air conditioner is made up of a variety of different components that contribute to conditioning the air in your home. But perhaps one of the most important components is the air handler. If the air handler is not working the way it should, your air conditioner may malfunction and stop working to cool your home the way it should.

If you suspect that you have air handler problems, you need to give our team a call to schedule AC repair in Madison, FL. You can also keep reading to learn more about what the air handler is, what it does inside of your air conditioner, and why it is so important. When you can identify the signs of an air handler malfunction, you can stay ahead of an AC breakdown and address problems before they get worse.

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Pros Vs. Amateurs: A Customer’s Guide

Monday, December 25th, 2023

When you need service for your residential HVAC system, you want to partner with a team of experts. You may have friends or family members with the best intentions offering to help with any HVAC issues at your home, but it’s a bad idea to have anyone work on your heater or air conditioner if they don’t have the proper certifications.

Instead, give our team a call if you’ve been looking for a professional HVAC company in Fort White, FL. We can help you with all of your HVAC problems, big and small. You can keep reading to learn more about the difference that you experience when partnering with a team of HVAC professionals.

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3 Uncomfortable Noises and What They Mean

Monday, September 18th, 2023

There are some sounds that your air conditioner makes that can actually feel soothing. The gentle whir of the blower motor and the sound of air flowing through the system to reach the walls of your home often fade into the background as white noise. But there are other sounds that can be very alarming.

You can keep reading to learn about the top three sounds that indicate trouble for your air conditioner, as well as what causes the sounds. If you have an AC making sounds in Newberry, FL, it’s time to schedule a service appointment. Give our team a call and we can troubleshoot the problem to get down to the root cause, fix it, and hopefully prevent it from happening again in the future.

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Upgrade Your Whole HVAC System With a Heat Pump

Monday, September 4th, 2023

Are you ready to upgrade the HVAC system in your home? If you’re considering replacing your central air conditioner, a heat pump is a great option. These particular HVAC systems are great for our climate because they offer high level of energy efficiency in how they operate. 

Give our team a call when you’re ready to schedule HVAC installation in Newberry, FL. You can also keep reading to learn more about the benefits of upgrading your system from a standard central air conditioner to a heat pump. Even though the two systems are very similar, heat pumps offer unique benefits that set them apart.

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How Expensive Is Too Expensive?

Monday, August 21st, 2023

When it comes to making HVAC repairs in your home, you have to rely on the knowledge and expertise of industry technicians. When you receive a quote or bill for a repair job, you may wonder if the price is fair or not. We are sharing some tips for how you can identify whether a repair job is too expensive and whether you are being quoted fairly. 

We also have recommendations for what you should do if something major goes wrong inside of your air conditioner and you have a repair bill up into the thousands of dollars. When you need HVAC repair in Lake City, Florida, we hope that you will give our team a call. We are always here to help with all of your HVAC needs, including understanding a repair quote so you understand what you are getting and what to expect out of the service.

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Our Guide to Replacing a Mini Split

Monday, August 7th, 2023

If you already have a ductless mini split air conditioner and it’s time for a replacement, you may be wondering what to expect. A ductless AC is unique from any other type of air conditioning system and so is the installation process.

Although without the attached ductwork, it may be surprisingly simpler. Give our team a call when you’re ready to make the investment in a ductless AC replacement in Starke, FL. You can also keep reading to learn more about ductless AC replacement installation and what to expect. 

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