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Why Is Your Heat Pump Not Doing the “Heating” Part of Its Job?


We love heat pumps here in Florida. They work as powerful air conditioning systems that can keep back the worst of the summer heat. When the few cold days of winter arrive, heat pumps can then shift with little effort into working as energy-efficient heating systems. Compared to using an electric furnace for the short winters, a heat pump is a great way to save on heating costs.

But if you’re reading this post, it’s probably because your home’s heat pump is supposed to be warming your house, and … it isn’t. You may need to call us for heat pump/AC repair in Macclenny, FL (heat pumps work essentially like air conditioners) from our expert technicians to get your heat pump to do both parts of its job. Or there may be a simple explanation. We’ll look into the possibilities below.

Make sure to check the thermostat

Is this your first year using a heat pump? Then the problem may be as basic as a misunderstanding on how to set it. Check the thermostat to see that it has the correct settings to shift the heat pump over from cooling to heating mode. Consult with the manual for the thermostat to see if they’re any steps you’ve overlooked. 

Change the air filter if it’s clogged

If you’re getting room temperature air from the vents when the heat pump is running, rather than cooled air, the problem may be that the heat pump has a clogged air filter leftover from the summer. A clogged filter will block off the amount of air drawn into the heat pump to be conditioned, and if the heat pump is in heating mode, this can mean it won’t be able to warm up the air to the comfort levels you want. Change the filter, and keep on top of routine changes every one to three months.

A broken reversing valve

Now we’re moving into troubles that require the assistance of HVAC experts to repair. If you have a heat pump that appears to be stuck in cooling mode no matter how you adjust the thermostat, one likely cause is a broken reversing valve. This component is one of the parts of the heat pump that allow it to switch between operating as a heating and cooling system. The valve controls the direction refrigerant flows in the system, so if it breaks it will trap the heat pump in one mode or the other. To fix this, technicians can replace the reversing valve.

Lost thermostat connection

Another reason for a heat pump becoming trapped in one mode is because the thermostat has lost the connection to the reversing valve. No matter what adjustments you make to the thermostat, it won’t be able to send the electric current to cause the reversing valve to switch. Often the best solution to this problem is for technicians to replace the thermostat itself. 

Failed compressor

This is a worst-case scenario, but if you discover the heat pump won’t switch to heating mode but also won’t work in cooling mode, the heat pump’s compressor may have died. You’ll want to consult with experts about the best way forward when this happens.

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