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Undersized and Oversized: Why a New AC Must Be Right in the Middle


It’s in the middle of summer, and the sun is convincingly scorching as you look at it through the window from the comfort of your house. It’s unfortunate if your AC breaks down during this period, leaving you with no options but to cool yourself with a fan and bucket-loads of ice.

But this is a temporary solution. You need a permanent fix, and you can only achieve this once you understand why your AC keeps breaking down.

AC malfunction is a shared problem for most Americans. Fortunately, the problem is easy to solve, as it’s usually associated with installing the wrong-sized AC in your home.  

Touchstone takes pride in customer satisfaction and services that include AC replacement in Lake City, FL.

Here are some other reasons why having the wrong sized AC is a problem.

Undersized Air Conditioner

An undersized AC will still work but not to the degree you want it to cool your house. Even though it works tirelessly, it will fail to deliver the right comfortable temperature. It means that you must keep it on all the time, yet the house will never feel cool enough. The cooling will also be uneven, with some parts of the house may feel cooler than others.

Wear and Tear

You can tell that your AC is undersized if it runs constantly. Having the right-sized AC means that there are times when the AC shuts off and turns back on, controlling the temperature in your house.

An undersized AC is constantly struggling, meaning that it doesn’t have a healthy on/off cycle. The extra running means that wear and tear are immense, and the life of your AC is in jeopardy.

Oversized Air Conditioner

Everything so far points towards the oversized AC being better than an undersized AC. On the contrary, that’s far from the truth.

On/Off Cycle

If the AC is oversized, it will take a short time to cool your house, then shut off and turn back on numerous times a day. But the more times your AC undergoes the on/off cycle, the more susceptible it becomes to wear and tear.

Eventually, you will have to replace the AC sooner than you normally would.

Dehumidifier Malfunction

The heat is already a nuisance, and now you have to contend with the humidity making your home even more uncomfortable. The humidifier has an evaporator coil that is cool enough to condense water vapor to droplets and let it drip into the AC pan.

But if the AC is oversized, it will have short run times, which isn’t enough for water vapor condensation. It will practically render the built-in dehumidifier useless as the water vapor will still hang in the air, causing you significant discomfort.


If you are worried about the cost of keeping your home the right temperament with an accurately sized AC, call Touchstone AC to handle the installation or replacement, and we’ll see you have the proper-sized system in place. Buying an oversized AC unit is costly, let alone running it.

Call Touchstone Heating & Air Inc 24/7 for exceptional customer service!

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