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Ways to Boost Air Conditioning Efficiency Affordably

In order to stay comfortable in your home you probably run your air conditioning system on a daily basis. Using your air conditioning system that much can cause your utility bills to increase. Every homeowner is looking for ways to decrease their energy usage without sacrificing comfort. The Lake City, FL air conditioning experts at Touchstone Heating and Air have years of experience working with countless customers to help them increase the efficiency of their home. We thought it would be a good idea to put together some of the best ways that you can do that.

Get Insulation Inspection

One of the best ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home is to get your insulation inspected and possibly replaced. Over time, your insulation can wear out, develop holes, start to rot and generally decline in quality. This allows heat from your attic to seep into your home which means that your AC has to work harder to keep your home cool. The insulation repair, installation and replacement experts at Touchstone Heating and Cooling can work with you to replace your current insulation with newer, more efficient types.

Duct Sealing

If you have a heat pump or a central air conditioning system, then you have a series of ducts in your home that carry the cooled air into each of your rooms. If those ducts are leaking it can cause up to 30% of that air to leak outside; which is obviously very wasteful.  We offer fast and quality duct sealing services for all different types of ductwork.

 Air Conditioning Replacement

If your air conditioning system is old or if it has started to require more frequent repairs it might actually make more sense to replace it. The air conditioning repair and replacement specialists at Touchstone Heating and Cooling can help you find the perfect system for your home that will meet your needs and your budget. Not only will you likely be able to avoid those repairs, but a new AC system will be much more efficient than your old one.

Call the Lake City, FL air conditioning efficiency experts at Touchstone Heating and Cooling today to talk with one of our friendly technicians about any of the AC needs that you might have.

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