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How to Tell if You Need Air Conditioning Repair Service

Short of total breakdown or hot air blowing through your ductwork, it can be difficult to tell when you need professional Gainesville, FL air conditioning repair service. But with a little vigilance and know-how, you’ll be able to spot some of the more common AC problems that can occur during the cooling season. It’s critical that when you catch a problem, you call a technician to take care of it. Allowing problems to fester can lead to increased damage and energy inefficiency. In this post, we’d like to explain some of these common problems that tell you that professional air conditioning repair service is necessary. Call Touchstone Heating & Air today!

  • Inadequate cooling: This is a common problem with a great variety of possible causes. Often, it’s a number of problems in combination. Inadequate cooling can come down to airflow, mechanical deficiency, or even low refrigerant. Your AC was “charged” during installation, which means that it has just the right amount of refrigerant circulating through the compressor and coils to effectively and efficiently remove heat from your home and send cooled air into your home. However, if you have even a microscopic leak in one of your coils or in the copper lineset, then it can lead to inadequate cooling, as well as other problems.
  • Frozen evaporator coil: This is often due to an airflow issue. If you have a clogged air filter in your air handler, then much of the cool air will be trapped at the evaporator coil and this causes it to freeze over. Once this occurs, it usually tends only to worsen and may eventually lead to system shutoff.
  • Dirty condenser coil: Your condenser coil is responsible for dissipating the thermal energy of your home into the outside air, once it has been heightened by the compressor. Because of the location of your condenser coil, however, it is subject to encroaching vegetation and the accumulation of dust and debris. Dirty coils lead to energy inefficiency and premature system failure.

We hope this brief guide helps. Call Touchstone Heating & Air for comprehensive Gainesville, FL air conditioning repair services! 

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