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When to Repair and When to Replace: An Air Conditioning FAQ

Are you concerned about the cooling performance of your AC? Are you tired of paying to repair your AC almost constantly? While there’s no doubt that a new AC system is beneficial to your home comfort, it can be difficult to know precisely when to replace or continue to repair your existing system. This is a common source of confusion among homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step in this process is professional advice. Understanding what your options are is critical to the decision, and that’s where a qualified technician comes in handy. He will work with you to ensure that your cooling system, whether it’s repaired or replaced, restores your comfort, taking into consideration the condition and age of your AC, as well as your budget. Call Touchstone Heating & Air today for comprehensive air conditioning services in Gainesville, FL.

Let’s take a look at some reasons to replace your AC:

  • Age: If your AC is old, at the very least you should consider the possibility of replacement. Unfortunately, even the most well-built systems cannot last forever, and it’s good to know where your AC stands. With routine maintenance and pro installation, your AC will give you years of solid cooling performance, but there may come a time when it makes more sense to replace it with a new system.
  • Frequent repairs: If your AC is becoming more and more expensive to repair, then you should probably consider replacing it. This makes a lot of financial sense. You don’t want to be propping up an obsolete and damaged air conditioner when you could invest in your future comfort with a new AC.
  • Energy efficient: Another consideration is energy efficiency. You need to make sure that your AC, whether you decide to repair or replace, is energy efficient. While we cannot control the cost of energy in our area, we can control how we use it, and replacing your AC with a new highly energy efficient unit is a great way to save in the long term.

Call Touchstone Heating & Air today for comprehensive Gainesville, FL air conditioning services, from replacement to repair.

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