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Svyat Russkiy, Last month

I'm only giving 4stars because of Baker wear-house and its "mob mentality" As a former Hvac Tech I understand the stress of the fact that its not just about fixing things you have to deal with crazy scenarios strange egos maybe even so I can't comment on that honestly, but what I can say is the Lead tech that came to my house easily found the short that I don't think I would of, fixed it and gave me what I needed to get cold air and that's what matters so I would recommend Touchstone Heating & Air.

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June Keefe, Last month

Yesterday morning (in mid-July) we woke up to no AC! Called Touchstone at 8, we were 3rd on the list, and our technician was there early. Seems our thermostat got zapped, resulting in a new one with a lifetime warranty. We had blessed AC by noon! As always with our experiences with Touchstone, service was excellent and we highly recommend them.

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Bobby Hawkins, Last month
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Arvind deBraganca, Last month

I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH good things about Touchstone Heating and Air. We tried them when we moved here because they are down the street from us and we have not been disappointed. We signed up for their Gold program and it has worked great for us. The company is responsive, professional and they truly care. They come out same day, the work is thorough and reasonably priced.

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frank char, Last month

II is hard to find a fair Heating and Air company.. However, I think I have.
We had animals in our crawl space damage our AC venting and return, in the middle of this extreme heat. wave and It was going to take a few days to schedule service, My wife has a breathing condition, and as well cannot travel. The scheduling person, Tracy, relayed my concern to the owner Mark, and when the tech arrived, they were prepared to offer us 2 loaner window units to use until we got our unit repaired. It was a thoughtful and unexpected offer, and is getting us through what would have been a trying and stressful time. I appreciate them all.

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T G, This year

Could not ask for a better company to have your system maintenanced and repaired. Always on time or ahead of schedule. Every technician that has came out to do 6 months maintenance has been professional, courteous, friendly and they explain everything they are doing.

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Shari L Storey, This year

Nice professional workers. Installed my mini split and cleaned up everything.

Thank you!!

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Kim Ford, This year

This AC company is my go to for all the HVAC work I need done. The work is top notch and the techs really know their jobs, very friendly and patient explaining what they are doing.

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Christina McNiel, This year

Touchstone has always went above and beyond with all of our service calls. We have used Touchstone for units on 3 different houses, including complete removal and installs of duct work and units, and they have been fantastic. Ronald, Toby, and everyone else who has ever assisted us have always been professional, courteous, and caring. I can not say enough good things about this company.

The owner Mark is in a league of his own. He genuinely cares for his customers and helps in any way he can, even to the point of lifting new washers over top of banister railings and putting on lawn mower belts to someone he just met. His respect for his customers, employees, and everyone he meets will keep me a loyal lifelong customer. Touchstone is who I always refer for any heating or ac needs. You will not be disappointed!

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kathy kaz, This year