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Why the Upper Floor of Your House Gets Too Hot

thermometer-going-redOne of the common problems with air conditioning in Lake Butler, FL that we often help to fix is uneven cooling. Providing even cooling throughout even a medium-sized home is difficult, and it takes technicians with experience to ensure whatever AC system is installed for the house can deliver appropriate cooling to all the rooms. Some basic malfunctions in an air conditioner can lead to an imbalance in the house, with some locations receiving comfortable temperatures, and others growing too hot.

And the uneven cooling problem we encounter the most often is when the upstairs of a two-story house is hotter than it should be. The second story already faces challenges for cooling (heat rising, radiant heat coming through the roof), so if the AC starts to have problems, the upper floor will suffer first.

Specific Reasons You Have the Overheated Second Floor

So what might be wrong that has caused your house to have an oven for a second story? Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Wrong-sized AC: If this is a new air conditioning system, we may have some bad news. The air conditioner may be too small for the house. This can happen if you have non-professionals or inexperienced technicians install the system. The only way to fix this is to put in a new AC.
  • Blower fan trouble: The blower fan in the HVAC system must be powerful enough to push cooled air through the ducts to the second floor. If the fan begins to malfunction, it may only be capable of getting air to the first floor. The fan may have a defective motor, or the air filter is clogged and preventing the blower from drawing in enough air. The first problem needs professional repairs; the second requires you put in a clean filter.
  • Leaking air ducts: If the ductwork for the second floor has air leaks, less cool air will reach the room vents. Because the ductwork for the second floor probably goes through the attic, it’s more exposed and can more easily become damaged, especially if the attic is also used for storage. Don’t try to fix leaks yourself: you’ll need professional duct sealing for this.
  • Faulty zone control system: If you have zone control in your house that allows you to shut off cooling to certain areas (such as separate upstairs and downstairs zones), the trouble may be in the controls or the dampers in the ducts. Call for technicians to locate what’s wrong and see what can be done to fix the zone control.
  • Aging air conditioner: Uneven cooling is one of the major warning signs of an air conditioner that’s in general decline due to age. If your system is more than 15 years old, this loss in cooling to a part of the house is as strong an indication as any that you need a replacement system. Even a system over 10 years old may be a candidate for replacement. Please ask your technician the best route forward.

You can put your trust in our team to solve your uneven cooling issues and see that the second floor is cooled down once more.

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