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Why You Should Upgrade Your Thermostat

modern-thermostatYour thermostat is the part of your air conditioning system that is going to control everything that your system does. This means if something is wrong with your thermostat, it is going to impact your air conditioner’s operation. Likewise, having an updated and effective thermostat will have a positive effect on your comfort.

Take a moment to think about how old your thermostat is? Or how well it is really working. Your answer to that question may tell you what you didn’t want to know–it is time for an upgrade. If you are looking to invest in a  best thermostat, we’d like to offer our help getting it installed. It’s a job for the pros after all. The main question is, is an upgrade really worth it?

What Are the Perks of Upgrading Your Thermostat

If you are going to upgrade your thermostat, it is understandable that you want to make sure this use of your time and money is going to be worth it. Here are some benefits of a thermostat upgrade in Lake City that we want you to know about to help you take the leap.

  • Improved comfort: With the help of a modern and up-to-date thermostat, you can enjoy better home comfort. This is because your thermostat is going to be better at delivering the comfort you want by getting more accurate temperature readings.
  • Reduced energy use: A smart or Wi-fi thermostat can help you reduce your energy use by quite a bit. It does this by allowing you to set programs for your cooling system that keeps your home comfortable when you need it and leaves your system be when no one is home. What’s more, your thermostat can offer you the option of getting an energy report so you can see how much energy you’re using and get a tip-off when your system’s usage is spiking.
  • Remote control options: On a hot day, you want to come home to a cool house but you can’t do that without leaving your system on all day–at least until you upgrade to a Wi-fi thermostat. When you have a wireless thermostat you can use your phone to get your system up and running while you drive home.

Why A Professional Should Perform the Installation

When you need to ditch your old dial thermostat and upgrade to a Smart or Wi-fi option, you don’t want to do the job alone. Even with an internet tutorial, there is a chance that the thermostat, or you, can get harmed in the process. When it comes to installing a thermostat, you should reach out for a professional technician at Touchstone Heating and Air to get the job done right. We have the training and the tools necessary to ensure your new system is connected properly.

If you are interested in a thermostat upgrade, we can help. Call Touchstone Heating and Air 24/7 for exceptional customer service! We pride ourselves on providing customer satisfaction and quality service at reasonable prices. All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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