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Tips for Controlling High Humidity Indoors

heat-wave-fanFlorida is notorious for its high humidity, and we can expect to see relative humidity levels over 60% on most days, which is the point where the moisture in the air will have a negative impact on comfort. When you combine relative humidity above 60% with days above 90°F, it can make it difficult to scrape through the day, even with the best and most reliable air conditioning system.

You can improve your indoor air quality in Macclenny, FL with a number of steps and by arranging for service from our IAQ team. Below we have some tips for lowering indoor humidity.

Invest in a humidistat

A humidistat is a device that measures relative humidity in a home, much the same way a thermometer measures the heat. You can find out easily how hot it is indoors, so shouldn’t you have a similar method to find out how humid it is? You’ll have a better idea of when you need to take special action and if your home needs more serious IAQ solutions.

Use fans

If you have ceiling fans—an excellent comfort investment for Florida—now is the time to put them to their best use. Fans create natural breezes that remove the heat envelope from around your body so you it can release heat faster. Humidity makes this heat envelope worse, so a fan is a great method against it. The movement of air with a fan moves stale air and can help stop mold and mildew growth.

Keep up with changing the AC filter

Ventilation is essential when it comes to combating humidity, and that requires proper airflow through the HVAC system. If you leave the filter in your HVAC cabinet in place month after month, letting it become clogged, it will cut down on airflow and worsen humidity. A clogged filter is a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew as well. We recommend monthly filter changes.

Open up those windows

If you can tolerate turning off the AC for a stretch, you can open the windows in your house to help create a cross-breeze that will move the humid air outside. We strongly recommend opening up windows in the kitchen and bathrooms after you’ve used either for cooking or bathing, since these activities will raise humidity.

Line dry clothing outdoors

Do you have space to line dry your clothes outside rather than use the drying machine? Now is the time to let your clothes dry the old-fashioned way. (And please don’t try to line dry them indoors, which is even worse.)

Short showers, colder showers

A colder shower can feel great on hot and humid days, and it also creates much less steam to raise humidity. Taking shorter showers is always a good idea because of how it saves water, but it’s an even better idea during humid days to lower moisture levels. Run the bathroom fan after showering and open windows to help reduce the moisture from the shower as much as possible.

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