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Warning Signs of Motor Problems in an AC

compressor-in-ac-unitYour air conditioning system runs from a variety of motors. Trouble with any of these motors will affect your AC’s performance, lower your home comfort, raise your electrical bills, and may lead to a complete system breakdown. When you have trouble with an AC motor, the best solution is to call our technicians for air conditioning repair in Lake City, FL. We’ll repair or replace the troublesome motor.

The Different Motors in Your AC

Before looking into the warning signs of motor problems, let’s go over the different motors that may be in your air conditioner. Not all AC’s have the same sets of motors: it depends on the type and age. These are the basic ones:

  • Compressor motor: The Big Boss of the motors, the compressor motor is housed inside the compressor itself. A burnt-out compressor motor often means the end of the air conditioning system.
  • Blower motor: This is the motor powering the fan in the air handler responsible for sending air through the AC and then into the ventilation system. If this motor goes bad, it means no cool air reaching the rooms.
  • Condenser fan motor: The motor powering the outdoor fan that release the heat from the condenser coils.
  • ECM motors: This is a variable-speed motor found in high-efficiency air conditioners, where it is located in place of the blower motor. These motors have their own special repair and replacement requirements.

Signs of Motor Troubles

The motors can send off a range of warnings that something is going wrong, and these based on the type of motor. For example, the sounds from the condenser fan motor, which is sealed to prevent exposure to the elements, is different from that of the blower motor, which is exposed inside the house. Here are warnings signs you may have a motor going bad:

  • Humming noises: A humming noise from an electric motor is often a misaligned or bent shaft. It may not be an immediate issue, but you’ll want a technician to check to see if the problem is electrical or mechanical in nature.
  • Shrieking noise: This unpleasant sound is warning of motor bearings wearing down. If the bearings wear down all the way, the motor will be in danger of burning out. If you have prompt repairs, technicians can replace the bearings and prevent damage to the motor.
  • Grinding noise: Not a good sound: the motor might be burning out. Shut off power to the AC and call for repairs.
  • Vibrating cabinet: You shouldn’t be able to see the outdoor or indoor cabinet of an HVAC system visibly vibrating. If you do, it may be a loose motor.
  • AC shuts down early: If the AC starts to shut down before completing a full cooling cycle, only to turn on again a short time later, the system is “short-cycling,” often a warning of motor issues.
  • Poor airflow: If airflow from the vents is less than it usually is, it may be a bad blower motor.
  • High humidity: Often a major warning that the compressor is going bad.

No matter your concern, you can trust our team to find out what’s wrong and have your AC repaired.

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