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3 Surprising Things That Affect Air Conditioning Efficiency

heat-pump-cashAir conditioning efficiency is something that’s a hot topic in Florida. You might think your high bills are normal, something you’re stuck with whenever the weather is warm simply because you live here. Then, a neighbor tells you they’re paying about half of what you do every month! This is an example of why many people call our technicians for help cutting down electricity bills.

It is possible. In some cases, a change in the way you use your air conditioner will help improve your bills to an extent. However, you might find out that your system needs repair. We’ll help you learn about some of the surprising things that affect AC efficiency in our area in today’s list.

#1: Dirty Air Filters

If you want to pay less for air conditioning, delaying an air filter change is not the way to do it. We know that an air filter costs a bit of money, but waiting to change it will cost you more. The air filter sits between the air handler and the return air grille in your home. The AC sucks in air before cooling it and moving it around the home. The filter is necessary for stopping large particulate from getting in, but a clogged filter will make matters worse.

When a filter is dirty, the motor of the blower fan has to work harder to operate. That means it can wear out sooner or require more frequent repairs. It also means efficiency is affected. In other words, you’re paying more than you should to run a system with a dirty air filter, when changing it is such a simple task!

#2: Broken Air Ducts

It turns out that the air ducts in most homes are leaking, and this is likely contributing to your high bills. Think about the ventilation system that runs through your home. Ideally, air would go straight from the air handler throughout the ducts and directly to the rooms of your home.

When ducts are leaky, though, that air takes a detour. Efficiency suffers because the air conditioner has to work harder to get air into the rooms of your home. You’re essentially paying to cool the crawlspaces in the walls and other spaces of your home you certainly do not occupy. Professional technicians can look into the ducts with inspection equipment and find out whether ducts can be sealed for greater efficiency.

#3: A Bit of Wear and Tear

A little bit of wear and tear can do a lot to hinder the efficiency of your cooling system. Wear and tear keeps a system from running as smoothly as it should, so it can become overworked and require a lot of energy to operate.

When you run your air conditioner nonstop for most of the year, you can expect motors to run down and connections to wear out faster than they do in other parts of the country. However, with proper maintenance you can prevent this. Be sure to call technicians for air conditioning maintenance twice a year!

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