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Key Aspects of Duct Sealing

Your ductwork is an integral part of your air conditioning system. When there are cracks, broken seals, or detached sections in your ductwork, you can lose a lot of the air passing through the ducts. Duct cleaning can eliminate obstructions from dust and dirt, but to truly get your ductwork into the best shape possible, you may want to consider duct sealing in Lake City.

Potential Signs of Leaky Ductwork

The following can indicate that there are existing problems with your ductwork:

  • Higher than normal energy bills without big changes with the in-or outdoor temperature
  • Rooms that are difficult to cool
  • Stuffy rooms that are uncomfortable
  • Visible kinks in ductwork

The Benefits of Duct Sealing

There are multiple benefits to sealing your ductwork:

  • Saves Energy

Sealing ducts increases your energy efficiency tremendously by reducing and/or eliminating air loss in your ductwork. This, in turn, reduces your energy bill, which can help you save money.

Leaky ductwork can allow multiple types of particles into your HVAC system, including allergens, dust and dirt. By sealing the ductwork, you can effectively reduce the amount of particles entering your system.

  • Better Comfort

Leaky air ducts can contribute to the creation of hot and cold spots throughout a home. Reinstating a healthy, consistent flow of air to your home can help eliminate uneven cooling.

  • Improved Safety

Gas appliances, such as dryers, water heaters and furnaces can release combustion gases through their vent work that can get drawn into your ductwork from a problem known as backdrafting. Sealing your ductwork can greatly reduce the risk of backdrafting in your air conditioner’s system.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Sealing faulty ducts helps your system become more energy efficient; when you use less energy, you reduce your carbon footprint.

Duct Sealing Is Not a DIY Project – Call a Professional

Duct sealing involves a lot: a full inspection of your entire ductwork system, testing of the supply and return vents, checking for backdrafting, and of course, the sealing and repair work. It’s a lot of skilled work, and it is better left to someone with the training to do it.

If you think your air conditioning system in Lake City could benefit from duct sealing, call Touchstone Heating and Air, Inc., today and schedule an appointment.

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