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What’s Involved in Duct Replacement?

The ventilation system in your home needs to maintain an airtight seal along its length, from each individual vent to the air conditioner and heater. Leaky ducts need repairs the seal them, or else the air pressure in your ventilation will start to drop, leading to decreased comfort and an overworked HVAC system.

Sometimes, duct sealing and basic repairs are not enough… you need to have the damaged and aging ducts replaced. If the ducts received improper installation in the first place and are causing you to lose energy, you should also have them replaced with skilled, professional work. If your ductwork has reached the point where repairs will no longer do the job, call Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. in Lake Butler, FL for duct replacement to take handle the work.

What to expect during duct replacement

When technicians come to your house for duct replacement, they will perform a number of tests to determine the extent of the damage to the ventilation system so they can pinpoint which duct section require replacement. They will also gauge your HVAC system to determine which kinds of ducts will work best for replacement.

Selecting the ductwork material is an important part of replacing the ducts. There are three standard materials for ductwork in homes: sheet metal, flexible plastic, and ductboard. The installers will balance out space needs, insulation ability, and cost to make sure that you have the right replacement material.

The replacement job will proceed with removing the existing ducts and setting in the new material, often using a newly constructed wooden frame for support. The installers will seal the new duct to the older sections using mastic sealant or metallic tape. During the process, they will make sure that the new ducts run straight and without any kinks or sags that could cause inefficient performance.

Once the new duct(s) are in place, the technicians will run the HVAC system and perform tests along the new stretch to make sure there are no leaks or heat loss/gain from poor connections. Professional technicians won’t leave your home until they are certain that the new ventilation additions are helping, not hurting, your home’s efficiency.

Although you can locate DIY guides on-line for how to handle duct repairs and replacements, this job is too important for you to allow amateur work to jeopardize it.

Call the skilled team at Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. for duct replacement in Gainesville, FL. We will do the job fast and right the first time.

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