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Signs That You Need Duct Replacement

It’s the super-highway in your home you don’t see. It delivers cool air in summer and warm air in winter, and keeps you comfortable year-round. It is your ductwork, and like other parts of your air conditioning system, you may need duct replacement in Jacksonville at some point.

There are certain signs of faulty ductwork, and while some problems can be repaired, sometimes replacement is required. Touchstone Heating and Air, Inc. has helped customers in Jacksonville with their ductwork for over 15 years, including repair and installation. Here are some signs that can indicate it’s time to replace your ductwork:

  • Age – if your ductwork is 30+ years old, it’s time to see how effective it is. Old ductwork is more prone to holes, cracks and disconnections, and also may be poorly placed and lacking proper insulation. Intermittent cracks, holes and tears can probably be repaired by your technician, but if there are a great deal of them throughout your system, it may be better to replace the ductwork in its entirety.
  • Hot and cold spots – there are a few reasons why hot and cold spots can develop in a household, but if other things have been ruled out, it is time to look at how your ducts are performing.
  • Excess humidity – is the humidity level higher in your home? Excess moisture can enter your ductwork through cracks, holes and disconnections and become part of your airstream.
  • Mold – we all know that stale smell of mold – are you detecting it coming through your vents? Mold can be cleaned from metal ductwork, but can stay on plastic ductwork, even with a thorough professional cleaning. As such, it may need to be replaced.
  • Loud banging noises – sometimes loud banging noises from your ductwork are the expanding and contracting of the metal, but if you are hearing loud banging noises consistently, it can indicate collapsed ductwork.

Hire an Expert

Ductwork is an integral part of your air conditioning system and any repair or replacement work shouldn’t be handled by just anyone.

If your ductwork in Jacksonville needs replacing or just a general inspection, call the indoor air quality specialists you can trust: Touchstone Heating and Air, Inc.

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