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How a UV Air Purifier Works to Clean Your Home’s Air

woman-with-allergiesOne of the biggest problems homes in Florida deal with is humidity creating mold and mildew. While mildew is an unpleasant-looking nuisance capable of damaging wood and drywall, mold can present a more serious hazard—toxic mold spores.

But mold spores are only one of several organic pollutants that may be circulating through the rooms of a home. Standard air filtration systems and air purifiers are often ineffective at stopping spores, microbes, bacteria, viruses, and general “icky” stuff.

If your home suffers from organic contaminants that lower the general health of the household, you’ll need a powerful, professional solution. This is where we introduce you to the UV air purifier, aka UV germicidal lights.

The Workings of the UV Air Purifier

As the name UV germicidal lights tells you, a UV air purifier is a type of light used to kill germs (as well as other microbes and mold spores—basically, any small organic contaminant). Ultraviolet light causes cellular disruption in living tissue. This is why direct sunlight can cause sunburns: that’s damage from the UV light from the sun. In lower quantities, UV lights are harmless to humans, such as the lights used in amusement park dark rides and music concerts that cause clothing and other items to glow.

These UV lights can still be powerful enough to damage smaller organisms, which is what a UV germicidal light is designed to do. Ultraviolet radiation was discovered to have health benefits in dealing with diseases like tuberculosis over a century ago (in fact the man who discovered these properties won the Nobel Prize for it). When these UV lights are installed into an HVAC system, they bathe the light moving past the evaporator coil of the AC, either killing germs and other pollutants outright or rendering them unable to reproduce and therefore inert.

UV germicidal lights are not only effective at removing dangerous pollutants from the air, they also stop the development of mold, which often occurs along the evaporator coil. This helps to keep an air conditioner or heat pump working at its highest energy efficiency and prevents “dirty sock syndrome” that mold and mildew can create if they develop in the HVAC system.

Call Indoor Air Quality Experts

IAQ professionals can install a UV air purifier into your home that will work for years without much in the way of maintenance or repair needs. The lights are safe for people and pets, and in fact you won’t even notice they’re there—except for the healthier home.

We offer a full line of ways to clean a home’s air, from UV air purifier installation to duct cleaning in Gainesville, FL. If you aren’t sure what problems are affecting your household air, you can leave the diagnosis to us. We’ll pinpoint the pollutants needing removal, then install the purifiers and filters that will take care of everything. You can also arrange for any repairs and maintenance these IAQ systems may need.

Talk to our IAQ pros for cleaner home air. [(site_name)] has served the communities of North Central Florida since 1998.

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