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3 Uncomfortable Noises and What They Mean

There are some sounds that your air conditioner makes that can actually feel soothing. The gentle whir of the blower motor and the sound of air flowing through the system to reach the walls of your home often fade into the background as white noise. But there are other sounds that can be very alarming.

You can keep reading to learn about the top three sounds that indicate trouble for your air conditioner, as well as what causes the sounds. If you have an AC making sounds in Newberry, FL, it’s time to schedule a service appointment. Give our team a call and we can troubleshoot the problem to get down to the root cause, fix it, and hopefully prevent it from happening again in the future.


Rattling can be concerning for a couple of reasons. The first is that you could potentially have loose ductwork that needs to be secured. But it’s also possible that rattling can indicate you have small parts loose inside of your air conditioner. Maybe a part is loose and gently tapping against another component although it is still attached. Or maybe a component came completely loose and is rattling around as it moves through your air conditioner. 

Sometimes you can stand and listen to determine where the rattling sound is coming from and get an idea of whether it is inside your air conditioner or in your ductwork. Since your ductwork is in your attic, you can listen inside one of your attic openings or near a vent to see if the rattling sound is coming from there. If so, the source is likely your ductwork. Rattling is completely normal once in a while. However, you should not hear rattling that is persistent.

Grinding or Squealing

These sounds can indicate that you have something wrong with your air conditioner’s blower motor. The blower motor works hard to channel air through the network of ducts and into your home. But over time, the bearings can wear down and lubrication can dry up. 

This can result in a grinding or squealing sound that is comparable to metal scraping against metal. Thankfully, this is an easy fix as long as you catch the problem early and address it. Our team can clean out the bearings to eliminate dirt and grime, and then relubricate them so they can work together smoothly once again.


Clicking is not always an obvious sound and sometimes it is completely normal. In fact, you should hear a clicking sound when your air conditioner first turns on for a cooling cycle, or when the cycle is ending. But the clicking should only happen a few times and then stop. If you hear clicking that continues on, it can indicate that your air conditioner is struggling to turn on for a cooling cycle. 

Allowing this clicking to continue can mean that you’re allowing your air conditioner to continue struggling to turn on or off. Whatever is wrong can add a lot of strain to the system as the AC works against whatever problem is preventing a smooth transition from off to on.

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