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Is Your Furnace Going Bump in the Night?

It may be a spooky season, but that doesn’t mean you want your furnace to participate by giving you scares. If your furnace is showing signs that something is wrong, it is better to address your concerns now instead of putting off service until later.

Our team is here to help with heating repair in Alachua, FL. You can keep reading to learn more about the signs that your furnace is facing some struggles that need to be addressed before temperatures drop even more this winter. Then give us a call to schedule your service and rest easy knowing that your furnace is in the best shape possible.


When your furnace is brand new, it starts out with very well-lubricated parts that work together effortlessly to heat your home. But as the years go on this lubrication can wear away as dust and dirt creep in to fill those tiny spaces. Instead of working together well, parts inside your furnace begin to grind and make loud and concerning sounds. If it ever sounds like two pieces of metal are grinding together, it’s time to schedule service for your furnace.


Another sound that your furnace might make that should concern you is squealing. Squealing usually happens when a belt is wearing down and becomes loose instead of secure. Hearing a squeal is an early sign before a belt breaks off completely, so it is important to schedule service sooner rather than later when you hear this sound coming from your furnace. Ideally, we encourage you to turn your furnace off completely when you hear any of the sounds listed above and below so that the problem does not worsen between the time you hear it and the time that our team can arrive for service.


If you have a gas furnace, rumbling is a huge red flag. If your furnace is rumbling, it can indicate that too much gas is releasing in the combustion chamber, leading to an explosion when the pilot light finally ignites. While the word explosion can seem dramatic, that’s exactly what is happening, although on a much smaller scale. 

Allowing this to continue can crack the heat exchanger on your furnace and lead to the need for a complete furnace replacement. Cracked heat exchangers cannot be repaired and pose risks to your home and family because gas can leak out. 

Thumping or Knocking

If you hear a repetitive thumping or knocking sound, it can indicate that a fan or motor is loose and rocking back and forth as your heater operates. This is dangerous because it will only continue to get worse without being addressed. If the fan breaks off completely or the motor becomes more unbalanced it could cause enough damage to your heater to cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace the parts.

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