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Will an Air Purifier Remove All the Contaminants in My Home?


The simple answer to this question is “no.” Science has yet to devise any type of single air purification or air filtration system that will remove 100% of airborne contaminants from a living space. Your house contains multiple sources of airborne pollutants (furniture material, building materials, paints, varnishes, cooking products, hobby products, cleaning chemicals, cosmetics, and people) that are continually emitting contaminants into the air. No air purifier can remove all of them and give you a “clean” home. The clean rooms found in healthcare facilities and industrial facilities are the closest it comes to contaminant-free environments.

This doesn’t mean an air purifier in Sanderson, FL for your home has no value. You can’t remove 100% of the contaminants, but you can get close. The right use of air purification and air filtration professionally installed into an HVAC system can remove more than 98% of unwanted particles from circulating through your house. That’s an impressive amount. But what’s the right air purifier for the job?

Make sure you start with air filtration

The right air purification system for your house starts with the right air filtration system. Air filters are the first line of defense against low indoor air quality: mechanical filters that trap pollutants moving through media. Filters come in many different strengths, and the most powerful are effective enough for use in hospitals. However, filters of that strength aren’t suitable for use with residential HVAC systems because they won’t just stop contaminants—they’ll stop airflow as well. 

Professional IAQ technicians can locate the right strength of filter that hits the “sweet spot” for cleaning the air in your home. To install the filters, they’ll place a slot into the ductwork where the filters can slide in and out for easy replacement. 

Now look into air purification systems

In some cases, a powerful air filtration system will do the job you need from it. But if there are still minute particles that are slipping through the filter, an air purifier is an excellent addition. Air purifiers do not place any resistance against airflow because they use electrical discharge fields or UV lights to eliminate particles. When appropriately paired with an air filter, an air purifier both stops the particles that make it through the filter and makes the filter’s job easier by causing particles to clump together to be easily trapped in the filter’s media. 

Filtration and purification in one system

A popular option for people looking for a “one-and-done” indoor air quality installation is an air cleaner that combines several methods of particle removal. These air quality systems contain various filters, UV lights, and ionizers to provide the most effective air cleaning and scrubbing. There are several excellent air cleaners on the market, and our team can help you locate the one that will get you as close to 100% particle removal as possible. We will go over the options with you to match your home with the IAQ device that will give you a comfortable and healthy living space.

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