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Some Important Info About Electric Furnaces


Electric furnaces are heating systems found in many homes in Florida. They’re far more common here than in more colder parts of the country. You may be considering installing an electric furnace in your home, or perhaps you’d like more information about the one you already have. We’re glad to help out, whatever the case. But here’s something you might not have known:

Electric furnaces can outlast many other heating systems

Because electric furnaces don’t have the strain of combusting fuel and the presence of combustion gases like natural gas furnaces, and they don’t have as many moving parts as heat pumps, they will not wear down as fast as either. Where a natural gas furnace will usually not last much longer than 15 years and heat pumps can last around 10 to 15 years, a quality electric furnace can last beyond 15 years. 

Electric furnaces both cost less and more than gas furnaces

What do we mean by that? First, the upfront cost of an electric furnace is less than a gas furnace. This makes it more affordable for homes on a budget looking to have a new heater installed. On the other hand, electric furnaces are (usually) more expensive to run over their service lives because the cost of electricity is higher than gas. When looking into purchasing an electric furnace, we recommend people weigh both the short and long-term costs.

Electric furnace energy efficiency ratings can deceive you

The efficiency rating for furnaces is measured as AFUE, which is the percentage of a furnace’s energy source it converts to heat. Whatever is left over goes to waste as exhaust. All electric furnaces have 100% AFUE ratings, which no gas furnace can achieve. This doesn’t mean an electric furnace is less costly to run, as we just mentioned. The reason an electric furnace has 100% AFUE is because of the nature of electrical heating: there’s no exhaust, so no energy goes to waste.

Electric furnaces are safer than gas furnaces, but not completely safe

Homeowners who don’t want the worry of gas leaks and combustion dangers from natural gas in their house may choose an electric furnace. While an electric furnace presents no danger from emissions (because it doesn’t produce any), it isn’t free from potential safety hazards. If a gas furnace isn’t regularly maintained or if an amateur tries to tamper with it, it may create electrical fire hazards. Treat an electric furnace well and it’ll work at high safety levels. 

Electric furnaces are effective options for our climate

In extremely cold climates, electric furnaces aren’t recommended for full-time heating operation due to the high bills they run up. But in the climate of Florida, where heating systems run for much shorter periods and don’t need to run every day during the winter, they are good choices and often highly cost-effective.

Professionals must install an electric furnace

Interested in getting a new electric furnace in LaCrosse, FL? You don’t want to do this DIY, nor should you trust an amateur for the work. These are powerful electrical devices that need the skill and tools of professionals to properly install. Get started right with your electric furnace and call the Touchstone team.

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