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Why an AC Might Cool—But Not Cool ENOUGH

heat-and-family-before-fansWhat do you expect from a central air conditioner in a house? The answer is simple: you want it to make the house cool and comfortable when the weather is hot. If the AC can’t do that, what good is it?

Unfortunately, it’s possible to have a central air conditioning system that, while it sends out cool air, doesn’t make a house cool enough for comfort. That’s not something you should tolerate! Instead of spending the summer with the family gathered around the room vents to get closer to the cool air supply like you’re huddling around a dying fire in winter, call us for the air conditioning service in Alachua, FL that will solve the problem. We can find out what’s wrong and see that you have a comfortable home all summer.

3 Big Reasons for an AC Not Keeping Up With the Heat

There are many possible causes of an air conditioner to lose its cooling capacity or fail to provide the amount of cooling necessary. A reminder that an AC doesn’t “create” cooling; when it runs, it is removing heat from the air in the house and then exhausting that heat outside. This makes the air cooler, and then the AC’s blower fan sends this cooler air into the house. Knowing this can help you understand these reasons why it’s not getting the job done:

  1. It’s the wrong size for the house: If the air conditioning system is a new one, the reason it isn’t cooling down the house might be because, well, it isn’t designed to. A common mistake that amateur installers make is to put in an AC that is undersized for the home. It doesn’t remove enough BTUs of heat per hour to supply enough cooling, and so it will just run and run trying to get to a lower temperature that it cannot reach. This is one of the many reasons to only rely on professionals for installation or replacement: our technicians always carefully size a new AC so it will deliver the right amount of cooling. (It can’t be oversized either, which creates massive energy waste.) The only way to “fix” an undersized AC is to put in a new one. 
  2. It has refrigerant leaks: Leaks in refrigerant lines can start in an air conditioner that’s as young as four or five years. Leaks cause numerous troubles for an AC and eventually will cause the compressor to burn out. Loss of cooling capacity is one of the major warning signs that AC needs leaks sealed and refrigerant replaced. 
  3. It’s short-cycling: This is when the AC doesn’t stay on long enough to complete a cooling cycle, but instead cuts the cycle off after less than 15 minutes. It then turns back on again a short time later and repeats the process over and over again. Some parts of the house will get cool, but the AC won’t run long enough to reach all. Short-cycling is often a symptom of other problems, all of which need help from an HVAC technician. 

There are many other possibilities for the AC that isn’t keeping up—but no matter what, we can find a solution! 

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