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Ways to Avoid Problems with Your Air Conditioning

Homeowners throughout the Gainesville, FL area are looking to improve their air conditioning systems now that June is here. If your AC was professionally installed, that’s a good first step. Unfortunately, some homeowners stop there. This type of neglect can lead to frequent repairs, energy inefficiency, and even premature replacement. While repairs are an inevitable factor in owning a home, there are some things you can do to avoid problems with your AC. In today’s post, we’ve given you several. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a service, call Touchstone Heating & Air for all of your Gainesville, FL air conditioning needs.

The best thing you can do for your AC is to enroll in a preventive maintenance program. The majority of maintenance duties must be carried out by a trained professional. During these routine visits, an AC tech will arrive during a scheduled time to inspect your system closely, noting any potential issues in the process, such as low voltage or refrigerant. This will be followed by a comprehensive cleaning of your coils and other parts of the system, so that your AC performs well and operates efficiently. Finally, a system adjustment is taken care of so that your AC runs optimally.

Keep your air filter clean. During the cooling season, the air filter designed to protect your components from accumulating dust and debris can itself become a problem. When it becomes dirty and clogged with debris, it blocks the flow of cool air. This can lead to frozen coils when the cold air can’t escape the air handler. It can also disrupt performance across the entire system, and any imbalance typically causes problems elsewhere.

You should also make sure to keep your outdoor unit free of any encroaching vegetation. The outdoor unit contains both the compressor and condenser coils. The purpose of their location is not only related to noise, but also because it needs to dissipate heat into the outside air. It won’t be able to do this if it is partially covered by shrubs, hedges, low branches, or tall grass. If your outdoor unit cannot perform its function, then it may result in warm air and high energy costs.

If you’d like to schedule routine maintenance to avoid problems with your Gainesville, FL air conditioning system, call Touchstone Heating & Air today! 

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