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Maintenance for the Air Conditioning—It’s Time Again!

time-service-clockIt’s not yet officially spring. That doesn’t happen until the third week of March. But Florida weather is Florida weather, and we have to be ready for hot spells at almost any time, and the season for air conditioning seems to start earlier each year. We’re sure you’ve used your AC a few times during the last couple of months, which is when people in many other parts of the country have their furnaces going full-blast through the day to fend off below-freezing temperatures. 

What we’re getting at is that now is a time to plan for your regular air conditioning maintenance to get ready for the coming hot weather. 

Really? Do I need to do this every year?

We know that it feels annoying to schedule just one more thing on your calendar. You may look at your AC and think: “It’s done fine for me all last year, doesn’t have any trouble, and I never needed to get repairs for it. Why not just skip a year?” 

We must stress that—especially in Florida—annual AC maintenance is a must. Our air conditioners go through a serious gauntlet of heat and humidity every year, much more so than the majority of the country. Your AC accumulates many days of wear and tear through the middle of the year. Just consider how often you have the cooling system running during the summer and you’ll start to see what kind of stress gets put on it. 

If the AC hasn’t given you problems last year, that’s probably because you had it maintained in early spring. The “trouble-free AC” is your reward for keeping up with professional inspections and tune-ups. Although maintenance can’t stop all needs for air conditioning repair in Alachua, FL, it still prevents most. It also helps to ensure the highest cooling capacity for the air conditioner, stops a rise in the cost to run it as it wears down, and gives it a longer service life. If you want your AC to continue to serve you as well as it has, you have to continue to look out for it with professional maintenance each year.

Okay, but can I wait until later in spring?

Yes, you can. There isn’t an “expiration date” for air conditioning maintenance: it needs to be done each year. Many people choose to get their AC maintenance in March, April, or May, and these are all good times to schedule it. The main concern is beating the arrival of the hottest time of the year.

But … we do recommend getting the service completed at your earliest convenience because 1) you’re less likely to forget about it later on, and 2) you’ll receive greater benefits from the service if you do it before the first rise in heat. You know that major heatwaves can strike before the summer starts, so getting your AC tuned-up and inspected before the first spring heat fling is smart preparation. You also want to leave yourself enough of a buffer to have any necessary repairs done if the technicians uncover something that requires attention.

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