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How an Old AC Can Become Too Costly (And Not Just in Money)


We understand that people want to get their money’s worth from their homes’ air conditioning systems, so they’ll try to push those ACs to last as long as possible. But an old air conditioner is a costly thing to have in a home—and not only because it will waste money.

The average service life expectancy of a central AC is 10 to 15 years. When an air conditioner reaches this range or goes beyond it, it will create problems. Below are some of the ways your old AC can be costing you.

An Old AC Costs You Extra in Utility Bills

This is the biggest area where an over-the-hill air conditioning system will drain money. ACs can retain approximately 95% of their efficiency rating up until the last one or two years of their service lives (provided they receive regular annual maintenance). Once an AC reaches the farther limits of its service life, the decline in efficiency will be steep, resulting in a sharp rise in electric bills.

But it’s not only dropping efficiency that’s the problem—it’s also the improved efficiency of the newer air conditioners on the market. The technology of cooling systems has made tremendous strides over the last 15 years, which is probably as long as you’ve had your current AC. Putting in a new system won’t just take you back to what you used to pay when your AC was new—you may end up paying less than ever before!

Too Many Repairs, Too Many Expensive Repairs

An aging air conditioner will require much more regular repair upkeep than a new model just to keep it running year after year. Repairs may start to become a yearly requirement, and when that happens, your antiquated air conditioner is costing you far too much to keep around. 

Frequency of repairs is expensive, but older air conditioners often require more pricey repairs because they need replacement parts that are harder to find. If you have an air conditioner manufactured before 2010, it may use a phased-out refrigerant, R-22, and these ACs can be extremely costly to fix—and in some cases impossible to fix.

Effects on Health

Yes, an old air conditioner can create health problems in a household. One trouble comes from an air conditioner that can no longer effectively circulate air, leading to poor air filtration and a drop in indoor air quality. Old air conditioners can develop mold growth, and some molds send out harmful spores that will spread throughout a home. Finally, an old AC can become just excessively dirty and will circulate that dust and dirt.

Talk to the Professionals

If you are uncertain about whether you need to replace your air conditioner now or if it’s worthwhile to keep it for a few more years, reach out to us. We’re experienced with air conditioning service in High Springs, FL, and we can help you make the right choice about your current cooling system. We’ll factor in the various costs and see how we can provide you with cooling that’s effective and affordable.

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