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Should I Invest in More Expensive Air Filters for My AC?


Purchasing a new air conditioner is a big investment in any home. It is critical that you do what it takes to maintain your AC.

Many factors play a role in that process, such as ensuring that you are buying high-quality air filters (and changing them often enough). The big question, though, is if there really is a difference and a benefit to those really expensive air filters. Or can you go with the least expensive options and do just fine? When it comes to air conditioning in Newberry, FL, the answer to this question is not always as clear as it may seem.

Is More Expensive Better?

The answer to this question is “It depends.” There are some key benefits to a quality air filter, and often the least expensive options are not going to produce the type and level of protection best suited for most homes. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Strong is Important

A stronger air filter will cost you more to purchase. That means that it has more filtering ability or more layers with a tighter weave to it. That helps pull out more of the material from your home’s air. Stronger filters like this are highly beneficial to many homes because of how well they work.

One of the key benefits of a higher quality and stronger air filter like this is that it will likely need to be changed less often. Because it has more overall filtering ability, it can pull out more of the pollutants in the air and keep working well. If you do not have to change it as often, you may not have to worry too much about the cost. You’ll pay about the same in the long term.

It may also be beneficial to purchase a higher-grade air conditioner filter if you have people in your home who suffer from allergies or asthma. The higher level of functionality could help to improve their comfort level.

Less Expensive Could Still Work

Lesser expensive air conditioning filters are a good option for many homes. These tend to not hold as much material, but as long as you change them out on a regular basis (usually once a month during heavy use seasons), they can work well for you. They will get the job done, but they are not going to be as effective overall. That is, you will likely need to focus on air conditioning maintenance a bit more often to keep your system working at its best.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Is the Key

Beyond everything else, work to maintain your air conditioner. Be sure that you are changing your air conditioner filters on a consistent basis, no matter what type you have purchased. This helps to protect the air conditioner itself. This, along with professional air conditioner maintenance, maximizes your system’s lifespan.

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