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The Big Heat Pump Question: Is It a Good Spring Replacement for Your Current HVAC System?


Every year as spring rolls around, many homeowners are faced with an important question: is their HVAC system still meeting their needs? Maybe the heater struggled during the winter, even with our warm Florida climate. Or it could be that last summer was extremely hot, inside and out, because the air conditioner quit working well. Either way, many customers will ask themselves if they should simply replace their HVAC system with something similar, or switch to a heat pump. For most people, the best time to switch is during the spring.

Let’s look at why you should, or should not, consider heat pump installation in Lake City, FL.

What is a heat pump?

Before we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a heat pump for your home, you need to know how a heat pump works. In a nutshell, heat pumps are units that use refrigerant for both heating and cooling purposes, which means it is a type of heat exchanger. Think about air conditioners: these units draw warm air out of the room, then vent it outdoors by using a refrigerant coil. A heat pump does this for cooling. When it’s time to warm your home, the heat pump does the opposite. It gathers warm air from outside, and shoots it through your air vents, then removes cool air from your home.

An air conditioner works the same way as a heat exchanger, only it doesn’t also bring in warm air from the outside. On the other hand, heat exchangers differ from heaters in that they don’t create heat by burning fuel, except for some emergency components used to prevent freezing in really cold weather.

What should you consider when deciding between a heat pump and traditional, dual-unit HVAC systems?

Like most other home improvement projects, it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of getting a heat pump. In general, whether you choose to get a heat pump or a traditional HVAC system, the best time is when your old system is no longer running as well as it could.

Advantages of a heat pump

One reason why heat pumps are increasingly popular is that they are highly energy efficient. After a heat pump installation, many of our customers are impressed with how much less energy their new unit uses during chilly winter nights. And, while the energy usage isn’t much different in summer compared to an AC, heat pumps are often quieter.

Secondly, a heat pump is safer than gas heating. Especially here in Florida, where the weather is typically mild all year, the lower cost of gas doesn’t make up for the increased risk of fires, carbon monoxide, and explosions. In addition, the lack of a furnace means you won’t need to maintain two units, leading to lower maintenance costs.

Disadvantages of a heat pump

Unfortunately, heat pumps aren’t perfect for everyone. For instance, if you only have trouble with your furnace or AC unit, you’ll probably consider it too expensive to make the switch. Second, if you already have a gas furnace (and aren’t completely renovating your home), we usually recommend you keep the furnace. Homeowners don’t use much gas in Florida, and it can be nice to have a backup system. On the other hand, a heat pump installation in Lake City, FL is superior to most other options for heating.

Want to get more information about getting a heat pump for your home? Call Touchstone Heating & Air Inc 24/7 for exceptional customer service!

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