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Heat Pump FAQ: Will My Heat Pump Really Keep Me Warm this Winter?

“Will my heat pump really keep me warm this winter?” It’s a fair question, and if you look at various forums and discussions across the Internet, you might conclude that it won’t. That assumes a generic staring point however: a world where the heating needs of New England are exactly the same as they are here in Gainesville, FL. They’re not, and things that work down here won’t work up there. If you’re looking for a heat pump, Gainesville FL presents an almost ideal environment, which means you won’t need to worry about sufficient heating in the winter.

Heat pumps operate according to the same principles as traditional air conditioners. Refrigerant is cycled through condenser coils, which place it under tremendous pressure and heat it up. The heat is dispersed in the condenser coils to outside of the unit, turning the refrigerant into a liquid state which keeping it under high pressure. It’s then passed into an evaporator coil, which allows it to evaporate and cool the surrounding air. The cooled air is then pushed into your home with a blower fan, which the refrigerant returns to the condenser to begin the cycle anew.

With a heat pump, this cycle is essentially reversible. In the winter, it can be used to bring warm air into your home, instead of just cool air. This makes it work well regardless of the weather, and because it uses less energy than a traditional central air conditioning system, it can save you considerable money in your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Perhaps most importantly, heat pumps work extremely well in climates like ours. Their effectiveness hits its peak in areas where the temperatures don’t drop below 40 degrees (like, say, Florida’s). Beyond that, their efficiency begins to suffer, making them less enticing as an option. Down here, however, our warm weather makes for an ideal fit, and if you’re willing to put up a little more for the installation itself, you could save a great deal in monthly energy bills.

If you’re asking “Will my heat pump really keep me warm this winter?” You needn’t worry. The experts at Touchstone Heating & Air can explain the benefits to you, then discuss options for installation and upkeep. If you’re looking for a heat pump, Gainesville FL makes a great fit. Call us today and let us show you how.

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