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Air Conditioning Repair: Causes of Grinding Sounds

If you live in Gainesville, FL, you know that air conditioning repair is not something you want to put off. We need a swift repairman to correct any problem before the next heat wave hits and we need to be able to spot signs of trouble before they lead to bigger issues. Otherwise, our cool, comfortable homes will be at the mercy of our patented muggy weather. A prudent homeowner will notice when his or her air conditioner isn’t performing as it should. To cite one obvious example, spotting the causes of grinding sounds when your air conditioning unit turns on can help get the issue resolved that much more quickly.

Obviously, grinding sounds aren’t good when they’re coming from your air conditioning. The sound usually results from metal parts rubbing up against each other, a sure sign that something is broken. The blower fan is one common cause of grinding sounds. When it’s bent or misaligned, it can scrape up against nearby parts, causing friction and resulting in serious damage. In some cases, debris such as twigs can get caught in the fan blade as well, resulting in damage to the fan itself.

Grinding noises aren’t limited to the fan, however. They can occur in motors in the system which overheat or otherwise malfunction. With some air conditioning units, these components have automatic shut-off systems that kick in whenever they malfunction. Those that don’t will continue to run, however, making that awful grinding noise and causing further damage each moment.

Whenever you hear that noise, don’t hesitate. Shut off the unit and call an air conditioning expert. A qualified professional should be able to isolate the problem and correct it with a reasonable amount of expediency. If you have any questions about Gainesville FL air conditioning repair, call Touchstone Heating & Air for help. Our staff of trained professionals will track down the causes of grinding problems, then give you an accurate assessment before conducting repairs with speed and accuracy. If your AC unit is making sounds that it shouldn’t, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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