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Air Conditioning Tip: When to Use the Fan Only

We experience some seriously hot and humid weather around here, and a reliable air conditioning system is often your only weapon against the soaring temperatures outside. That air conditioning system uses a lot of energy, however: as much as 16% of your total household electricity, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. You can cut that down by using your system’s “fan only” feature, which stops the cooling process but continues to circulate the air in throughout your home.

The most obvious period is right after you’ve shut your air conditioning down for the day. With the cooled air still in your house, you can turn on the fan and help circulate it, staying cool for longer. This can keep your house from becoming stuffy when the AC is not running, and also make sure your air is going through your air filtration system.

You might also consider using the fan only after the sun goes down, or when cooler breezes blow near your house on days when the humidity levels are lower. The flow will refresh the existing air while keeping your temperatures down to agreeable levels.

You can help this process by ensuring that your air conditioner is functioning as it should and that the blower fan isn’t bent or damaged. Knowing when to use the fan only won’t do you much good if the air conditioner itself is broken. For expert service and advice, contact Touchstone Heating & Air! 

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