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How to Get Healthy Air from Your Air Conditioning System

woman-blowing-noseThere’s nothing better than central AC if you own a home in Florida. Those of us with it cannot imagine life without it. And yet, central air conditioning does have its flaws. One of the biggest flaws is only really evident to those of us with severe allergies, asthma, or any other immune disorder. But it can be a problem in any home.

As the air conditioner cycles, it sucks in air from around the home before cooling it. Some particulate will get filtered out by the air filter. But some contamination still tends to get through. Getting healthier air may require some work and an investment, but it’s worth it in the end.

Change that Filter

Keeping your air filter clean and clear allows it to continue to do its job. It also keeps air flowing properly through the vents. Change your air filter once a month—every 3 months at most—and make sure you do it right.

That means that you have to select a filter that is just the right size. Make sure the arrows line up properly. And choose a filter rating that works with your air conditioner. Check the manual or talk to a technician if you’re not sure.

Upgrade the Filter

Be careful about choosing an air filter that’s too effective. If the MERV rating is higher than what your air conditioner can handle, it may not allow air to flow through smoothly!

If you want to make sure you get the right fit, call in a technician to add an air filtration system into your ductwork. This style of media filter has a pleated surface so as not to restrict airflow so much, while still trapping the particulate that irritates the lungs.

Go with Whole-House Air Purifiers

A whole-house air purifier is a better solution overall when you want cleaner air. Small plug-in air purifiers just serve as a patch for a larger problem. Your air conditioner may still be putting out harmful particles throughout your home. We always recommend that you choose a whole-house indoor air quality system instead.

Whole-house air purifiers use ionization to clean the air. Negatively charged ions are sent out into the air to neutralize particles in the air. They then are attracted to surfaces like carpets and drapes instead of lingering in the air, and you’ll clean these up with your regular routine.

Clean with Ultraviolet Light

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent illnesses that stem from airborne contaminants is with ultraviolet light. UV light naturally kills and sterilizes germs in the air (but they won’t harm your family members since the lights are installed in the ducts).

This same technology is used to clean water, for sewage treatment, and to clean the air in hospital settings. It can help to protect against the common cold, legionnaires’ disease, and other serious health issues.

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