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2 New Features of Air Conditioning Systems

modern-thermostatYou may be excited to tell someone to check out the features on your new smartphone or the quality of your new TV. But when it comes to essentials in the home like an air conditioner, does it really matter whether you’ve got the latest and greatest technology? We think so.

Today, we want to highlight two features you may come across when installing or updating an air conditioning system. You might be surprised by how much more convenient the AC is to use and how much you save. You’ll be telling all your friends about the “coolest” new AC features!

Variable Speed Blower Fans

Here’s something many homeowners don’t realize: an air conditioner’s fan typically moves at only one speed. You come home and lower the thermostat to 68°F, hoping it will cool the home faster, but it still only moves at one speed—100%. (By the way, no matter the type of blower fan you have, this is never recommended. It won’t cool you down any faster and will only drive up bills!)

It may seem as though you’d want the fan to move at full-speed all the time, but what happens when temperatures only need to be lowered about 1°F to meet the thermostat demands? The blower fan runs full speed ahead, often overshooting the temperature settings by a couple of degrees, and that can waste energy and really add up.

Most of the time, your fan only needs to run at about half-speed, but it’s using a ton of energy running at 100% any time it cycles on! That’s why engineers have designed variable speed blower fans. These automatically adjust to lower fan speeds in order to save the most energy. If the temperature only needs to go down a couple of degrees, it runs at about half-speed, and operates much quieter too!

When you upgrade your fan, you’ll notice the energy savings add up quickly.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is not an automatic fix to any singular air conditioner problem, be it discomfort or high bills. However, used in conjunction with a high-efficiency air conditioner, a smart thermostat can save you a whole lot of money.

There are two main benefits to a smart thermostat: convenience and savings. The convenience is what will leave your friends and family members saying “Wow!”

  • Late coming home from a big meeting? Sneak a peak at your smartphone and delay the prescheduled settings on your AC.
  • Back a day early from a trip to the Northeast? Relive the cold by turning down the temperature in your home as you wait for a cab.

You control the temperature right from your smartphone, computer, or tablet no matter where you are! But the wow factor for you becomes something different over time: the savings.

A huge reason people overspend on air conditioning is that they leave the air conditioner on longer than they have to or at a higher temperature than they need! A smart thermostat prevents you from wasting that energy, and the savings add up over the years.

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