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Broken Down AC Systems: Can They Be Repaired?

service-tools-air-conditionersThere’s no easy way to diagnose an air conditioning system without having a technician come and take a look. When you experience problems with an air conditioner, such as trouble getting the right amount of airflow through the vents, it could be anything from a dirty air filter to low refrigerant to dilapidated ductwork. So what about when an air conditioner is completely broken down? Shouldn’t the problem be obvious?

A professional should be able to quickly diagnose the problem and determine whether the air conditioner needs replacement. Often, this isn’t the case! Today, find out what a broken down central air conditioner may indicate and see why it’s so important to call in technicians to solve the case!

The Simplest Repair: A Reset

It’s possible that, by some fluke, your air conditioner has tripped the circuit breaker. When your air conditioner has completely broken down, this is usually the first thing you should check. Reset the circuit for that switch or replace a blown fuse at the electrical panel, and that may do the trick.

However, if you have to do this far too often, the problem is a more serious one. Either something is wrong with the electrical components of your AC or with the circuit distribution at the electrical panel. You may need to upgrade the panel, which might not get enough power to boot all of the appliances we’re accustomed to in this day and age.

Capacitors and Other Small Components

Here’s some good news: it’s incredibly common for technicians to show up to repair an air conditioner and find that it’s only a $20 component that needs repair. The capacitor is a small electrical component responsible for storing energy, like a battery, so your air conditioner does not pull in too much energy at once.

This could be the cause of a complete system breakdown, since your air conditioner won’t have the energy it needs to run. Or it could be another small electrical issue, like a loose connection.

The Largest Repairs

The thing you should know, however, is that many issues that cause an air conditioner to break down are, in fact, a big deal. Compressor failure is a big reason for a breakdown, which may require you to replace the entire system. Many larger problems give off signs early on, so be sure to call a technician at the first sign of trouble in order to minimize the final cost of repairs.

Check One More Place First

There’s one more thing you should check on before you call in a technician, though. We’re sure you’ve already done this, but it’s worth doing again: check the thermostat. Sometimes, the settings get changed around by someone else, like a visitor or a child.

A common thing that happens is that the thermostat is set on “fan” mode, which will only turn the fan and won’t actually cool the home. Another possibility is that you have your vacation settings on. You can check your thermostat manual if you need help setting it.

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