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4 Things to Know about Humidity and Home Comfort

man-fan-hat-chairIn Gainesville, we’ve all heard this time and time again… “It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity!” Humidity is responsible for a lot of our discomfort throughout much of the year here. It affects you out doors, but it also has an impact on indoor comfort. And yet, so few people actually make the effort to control humidity in the home. Usually, it takes more than just a good air conditioning system!

Today, we want to focus on four things we think every homeowner in Florida should know about humidity and home comfort. From how it affects your body to how it raises your bills to what you can do to lower your humidity without breaking the bank every month, we’ve got your guide to ultimate whole-house comfort.

#1: Why Humidity Makes Us Feel Hotter

When it’s humid outside, it means that there is a high percentage of water vapor in the air. At 100% relative humidity, the air is holding all of the moisture it can, and after that point, it’s likely to rain. But relative humidity is already quite high at about 50% or higher.

That presence of moisture doesn’t actually raise the temperature of the air. However, it does make you feel warmer due to the way your body reacts. You cool off naturally by sweating, as long as that sweat evaporates into the air. When the air is already full of moisture, it’s difficult for that evaporation to occur, which means your body has no way of cooling off on its own.

#2: Air Conditioning Is a Solution…With a Catch

Running an air conditioner does lower the humidity levels of a home. While you run the air conditioner, moisture collects on the evaporator coil inside, naturally, as it lowers the air’s temperature. However, it does cost quite a bit to run the air conditioner to both cool your home and dehumidify.

#3: Home Maintenance Is Tough with High Humidity

Air conditioners typically have to run for longer when a home is particularly humid. That means that you pay more to run it, and you may run into more repairs. One repair of note is when a coil freezes, which is more likely when it’s collecting a lot of moisture, so humid homes require more frequent AC maintenance.

High humidity also affects allergy sufferers. Humid conditions may lead to mold growth in the home, something any homeowner wants to prevent.

#4: Whole-House Dehumidifiers Save Energy

Adding a whole-house dehumidifier to your HVAC system can benefit you in many ways. Yes, it uses energy to run too, but it uses far less energy than an air conditioner. Some people find they can run the dehumidifier on a humid day and cut out the need for air conditioning entirely.

Overall, your investment should pay off. You likely won’t see so much strain on your air conditioner, which can delay repairs and prevent premature AC replacement. The amount you save over the years is worth it, along with the health benefits!

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