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Is an Air Filter Enough for Healthier Air in My Home?

air-fliter-cuIf you found your way to this blog, it’s probably because you know your house, like many houses in Florida, has poorer air quality than you would like. Homes today are often built so tightly that there is little chance for the circulation of fresh air, and even less chance in a warm climate like ours.

What’s the best solution to combat low indoor air quality? Air filtration systems are one of the basic solutions for removing the unwanted particles circulating through a house—but is an air filter enough for your house? Let’s take a look.

The standard HVAC filter is not enough

The first place to start is the air filter that you already have in your HVAC system. This filter is located on the HVAC cabinet near where the return air ducts connect to the blower unit, or else it’s found behind the register of the return air vent inside the house. This filter has an important job—but it has nothing to do with the air quality in your home. It’s designed to prevent debris pulled in through the return air ducts from causing damage to components in the air conditioner and furnace. Dirt and dust can lead to major malfunctions. The filter does almost nothing to improve the health quality of the air anywhere else.

The right air filtration is sometimes enough

What you need for better indoor air quality is a special air filtration system. These filters are installed in the ductwork where they will catch and trap pollutants to prevent them from circulating around the house. These filters come in different strengths (measured as MERV) and can be powerful enough to even stop the movement of bacteria and microbes. However, the tighter the weave of the filter, the more pressure the filter puts against airflow, so a household air filtration system has upper limits on its strength. In some cases, this filtration will be enough to remove more than 99% of the contaminants. But if it’s not …

An air filtration/air purification combination is often enough

The pairing of air filters and electronic air purifiers is one of the most effective tools for healthy air. Air purifiers use electronic fields (such as ionization fields and UV radiation) to remove particles from the air; they don’t put any strain on airflow. The right air purifier matched with the right strength of air filter can trap almost anything harmful in the air.

Professionals can help you find the right way toward healthier air

How do you find this right combination of purifiers and filters? (Or just filters as the case may be.) You call on our experts! We install air filters and air purifiers for Lake Butler, FL homes, and our professionals can find the right filters, purifiers, or combination to see that you and your family enjoy the best air quality indoors. We’ll ensure the IAQ system in your home doesn’t impede the rest of the HVAC system or put your comfort at risk as it improves health conditions.

Do you want better indoor air quality? Call [(site_name)] 24/7 for exceptional customer service.

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