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Air Conditioning Repair: Fan Not Turning On

With high levels of humidity and a warm season that lasts all year, living in Florida requires a reliable air conditioner to keep you comfortable. If an important part of your AC stops working, like the fan, you can’t afford to wait to do something about it. If you need air conditioning repair in Gainesville, FL, look no further than the skilled staff at Touchstone Heating & Air for professional help.

Your air conditioner needs two fans to operate, one each in the inside and outside units. The inside fan blows cool air through your vents, and the outside one takes care of removing the heat. If either fan stops working, you will not receive the cold air you expect from your AC.

The most common cause of the fans failing to turn on is a burned out motor. Without maintenance, the motors can run down from long use and overheat, damaging their wiring. It’s a good idea to have an HVAC specialist take a look at your AC after the intense summer months so you can avoid a motor failure that will leave your fans stuck in one place.

A problem with the capacitor could be one of the reasons for your fan not turning on. The capacitor is a small cylinder-shaped device that acts as the catalyst for the motors that run the fans as well as the compressor. If the capacitor is unable to send voltage to the fan motors, they won’t operate. Don’t try to repair a burned-out compressor on your own—there is a danger of electrical shock! Let a professional handle this problem.

It’s possible that all the components inside the air handler and the condenser are working fine—and the problem is actually the thermostat. If your thermostat is improperly calibrated, it might think that your home doesn’t need the fan in operation and won’t turn on. You might need to have the thermostat fixed or perhaps have an up-to-date unit installed in its place.

A non-working fan needs attention right away. Don’t hope that it will fix itself and start spinning the next time you turn on your AC. Regardless of the root problem, Touchstone Heating & Air can get your air conditioning repair needs taken care of in Gainesville, FL. Contact us today to schedule service.

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