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Air Conditioning Tip: Your AC and Your Generator

Hurricane season is coming up, and power outages are something Florida residents need to seriously consider. Using an emergency generator or a standby generator is something many people rely on. But how does a generator affect your air conditioning system, and vice versa?

Touchstone Heating & Air has many years of experience with the air conditioning trouble you might expect with the troublesome hurricane weather in Gainesville, FL. Here are a few things you should know about your air conditioner and your generator:

  • Starting up your AC: Like many machines, the time where your air conditioner needs to draw the most power is when it turns on. When using an emergency or standby generator, try to avoid numerous start-ups with your AC. Think of it like flooding the engine of a car: too many tries, and the whole thing shuts down.
  • Know your power needs: How much energy does your AC require to run? How much can your generator give it? You don’t want your air conditioner overloading your generator, or your generator to fail to provide enough electricity to operate your air conditioner. An HVAC expert can help you determine the best fit between the two.
  • Prepare Your AC for the season: If your air conditioner has not received regular preventive maintenance, some of its components can cause serious problems when hooked up to a generator. An overloaded compressor, a malfunctioning capacitor, or overheated fan motors: any one of these could cause a power surge and damage your generator. You will need to call in a specialist to diagnose possible voltage issues with your air conditioner before hurricane season starts. With this kind of power involved, don’t risk trying to fix any the AC yourself!

Hurricane season can be a frightening time. But if you’ve taken care of your air conditioner, you shouldn’t have to worry about it causing trouble with your emergency or standby generator. To get ready for the season, call our Gainesville, FL air conditioning technicians. We can help you with the maintenance you need to feel secure. We also serve Lake City and the surrounding areas.

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