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Why Integrate Zone Control into Your Air Conditioning

In Gainesville, FL, air conditioning is no laughing matter. Hot, humid summers necessitate an escape into the cool comfort of your home, making a proper air conditioning system far more of a necessity than a luxury. But you may find that your air conditioning cools your house unevenly, or cools parts of the house that you rarely spend extended periods of time in. In that case, you may want to integrate a zone control system into your air conditioning system, which provides better control over the air flow in your house and could save you money on your electric bills.

A zone control system basically divides your home into separate zones, then establishes controls allowing you to alter the temperature in each zone. So if one family member can set the temperature to 68 degrees in the living room, while another can sleep in the bedroom with the temperature at 72. Zone control systems do this through a variety of methods, including dampers in your existing duct system that control the air flow to different parts of the house.

There are numerous reasons for doing so. The biggest is probably energy savings. By cooling only specific parts of the house, your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard, and thus spends less energy to perform its job. In addition, zone control allows you to maintain an even temperature throughout your house more readily. An upper story, for example, tends to be warmer than a lower story, since hot air rises. Zone control lets you maintain the same temperature much more easily, so that no single story is warmer or cooler than any other.

If you want to integrate zone control into your air conditioning system, it pays to consult an expert on the best way of going about it. In Gainesville, FL, Touchstone Heating & Air has the expertise to both advise you on your options and to install a zone control system in your house. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and let us show you what a difference our experience and professionalism can make.

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