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Which Air Purifier is Ideal for Your Home?

air-filterImproving indoor air quality is a very important part of keeping as healthy and comfortable as possible year-round. It’s especially important during the summer season, though, as people tend to shut themselves in their homes and cut off most fresh air flow. That tends to increase the concentration of various contaminants in the home, including pollen, dander, dust, mold spores, and germs. If you want to improve your air quality by getting rid of these contaminants, the best thing to do is to install a whole-house indoor air purifier. Have a look at some of the most popular air purifier types below.

Ionization Purifier

The ionization purifier releases clouds of ions during operation. As microscopic contaminant particles come into contact with the ion cloud, they become heavier and heavier until they drop out of air circulation. Duct cleaning can then rid the house of the contaminants, although many ionization purifiers also contain collection plates that are more easily removed and cleaned.

Air Filters

Air filters are among the most popular whole-house air purifier types on the market. An air filter is just a fiber mesh stretched across a frame, which is then installed in a central junction of the ducts. Air that flows into the air filter will become snared in the fibers. The filter is then changed every few months, in order to prevent it from becoming clogged. Though this may seem like a simple system, you should still consult with a professional before choosing one to be installed in your home. If the filter is too tightly woven, your climate control systems may actually be too weak to force air through it.

UV Air Purifiers

A UV air purifier does not actually physically remove any contaminants from your air supply. Rather, it exposes the air in the ducts to higher-than-normal levels of ultraviolet light. Many kinds of biological contaminants, such as germs and mold spores, cannot tolerate high levels of UV light. Exposure to large amounts of ultraviolet light will kill or sterilize such contaminants on contact. So, the UV air purifier helps to keep you healthy by destroying many biological contaminants before they can infect you.

Activated Charcoal Filter

There are a number of filter types that make use of porous materials to capture contaminants, with activated charcoal being a quite popular example. Charcoal is an excellent way to capture a variety of contaminants, even things like smoke particles. It’s a bit overkill for some homes that don’t require that level of air filtering. For those who need it, however, it can be quite a blessing.

As we mentioned previously, make sure that you have a professional examine your home before you make any decisions about what kind of air filter to install. The right air filter can go a long way towards improving your indoor air quality, but the wrong one might make things worse.

Touchstone Heating & Air Inc. provides a full range of air purifier services in Lake Butler, FL. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our indoor air quality experts.

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