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Tools Professionals Use for Duct Sealing

Here in Gainesville, FL, indoor air quality can be a big concern: not only dust and dirt blown around by your duct system, but biological pollutants like bacteria and viruses. When breaches arise in your ducts, indoor air quality tends to go down. Luckily, a reliable HVAC ompany can seal your ducts, which helps prevent contaminants from entering your system.  It’s tougher than it looks. Despite the name, duct tape is an awful tool to seal your ducts (the temperature changes mean it will probably be loose again in a few days). Instead, the tools professionals use for duct sealing are much more specialized.

  • Flex duct or similar patches. Patches for the breach need to need the specifications demanded by the ducts themselves, and ideally should be composed of the exact same materials. That allows it to respond to temperature changes and other stressors in the same manner as the surrounding material, which will help it last once it’s in place.
  • Sheet metal tools. These are used to cut, shape and even fit the patch into place, and since the path is usually composed of some manner of sheet metal, the tools need to be right for the job. They can include sheers, hammers, crimpers and notchers.
  • Tensioning tools and straps. These allow the patch to be held in place while the technician works on it, freeing up both of his hands rather than forcing him to use one to hold it in place. It allows the sealing operation to proceed more smoothly and efficiently, which is no small concern considering the narrow confines most ducts are located in.

The tools professionals use for duct cleaning are important, but they won’t add up to much without the right technician using them. If your have a breach in your ducts and need it sealed, then call on the experts at Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. for help. We work in Gainesville, FL, indoor air quality is a significant concern for us, and we have considerable experience in finding and sealing breaches in your ducts. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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