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Strange Air Conditioner Noises to Listen for

The more you use your air conditioner, the more strain the system is going to be put under. So, summer is going to naturally be a more stressful time for air conditioning systems. You should be especially vigilant for warning signs that your air conditioner is in need of repairs during this time of year. One of the most common signs that your system needs repairs is strange noises coming from it during operation. Let’s go over some of those strange noises now.


The air handler is the part of your air conditioner responsible for circulating air throughout the home during operation. Moving all of that air generates a lot of friction on the system, so to compensate it’s equipped with oiled bearings that help it to run more smoothly. The bearings are subject to wear and tear, just like the rest of the system, and will degrade over time. The friction on the air handler motor will increase as the bearings wear out, producing a loud grinding sound. Call for professional help as soon as you hear this, before the bearings wear down completely and the air handler motor burns out.


Bubbling and hissing noises coming from your air conditioner indicate air bubbles in the refrigerant line, which is a major threat to your system. The air conditioner recycles refrigerant back and forth through the system in order to move heat out of the home. It’s not designed to consume refrigerant at any point, so the initial charge of refrigerant should be enough to last a system for its entire lifespan. If a leak develops in the refrigerant line, it will drain the air conditioner of the fluid it needs to operate. This will cause the entire system to break down.

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