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Some Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Did you know that a 10% loss of refrigerant in your air conditioning system can cost you up to 20% more to operate it? Or that getting a programmable thermostat can save you annually on energy bills?

These types of savings come from a simple source: routine air conditioning maintenance in Starke. Here are a few reasons why Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. highly recommends regular air conditioning maintenance:

Reduced energy bills – when your air conditioner is not running optimally, it needs more energy in order to achieve the temperature you want. This means it costs you more to run it. There are two culprits that frequently contribute to this: a dirty air filter, which constricts the air flow in your system, and/or dirty condenser coils, which put stress on the compressor to run harder. In either case, you are running up your energy bills. Monthly checking and changing of your system’s main air filter eliminates a dirty filter problem, and a routine maintenance check by a specialist will keep the coils clean and stress free.

Better indoor air quality – when vents, ducts and filters become dirty and clogged, the air quality in your property reflects this. This can be especially uncomfortable for those with allergies. As stated above, your system’s main air filter should be changed monthly, and a regularly scheduled cleaning of your vents and ducts will keep them free of dust and dirt.

Lower repair costsregularly scheduled maintenance means you have a much better chance of catching a small problem – such as a loose belt or faulty switch – before it turns into a much bigger, more expensive problem. It’s a lot less expensive to replace a belt than it is to repair a broken down system.

Extension of system life – regular maintenance means that all components in your system are properly tuned up. This cuts down significantly on the wear and tear of the entire system, extending its life and your investment in it.

When Should You Schedule Your Maintenance?

Most air conditioning maintenance should be performed by a specialist, but there are a few things property owners can do to help maintain their systems:

  • Replace disposable filters once a month
  • Wash out washable filters once a month
  • Keep outside, ground-mounted units clear of any kind of yard debris, including grass, branches and leaves

Touchstone Heating and Air Inc. recommends a bi-annual inspection of the entire system, in the spring and fall.

Need to have your air conditioning checked by professionals in time for summer? Call and schedule air conditioning service in Starke today.

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