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Remember to Schedule Ductless Maintenance This Fall

Fall is upon us, and though we have a couple more months until heating season really sets in, it’s still a good idea to get started on preparations now. Part of that includes scheduling maintenance for your ductless system. If you just had your ductless system looked at a few months ago, don’t think that it means you can skip fall maintenance. Ductless systems need maintenance twice as often as most climate control systems. Read on to find out why.


The whole point of preventive maintenance is to identify and fix problems before they have the opportunity to cause too much damage to the system. Most of the problems that a climate control system can be afflicted with don’t show any kind of external system unless they’ve been around for a while. Any problem that you happen to notice from one of these systems has probably been damaging your system for quite some time. That’s why you want to schedule preventive maintenance. If your technician has the opportunity to regularly check the system for issues, it can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs over the years.

Bi-Annual Maintenance

Ductless systems require maintenance twice as often as other systems because of the way that they operate. Normally, a climate control system will only need maintenance once a year because it will only have one stressful season a year. A ductless system, though, is used as both a heating and air conditioning system. This year-round use causes the system to wear down twice as fast as other climate control systems, which means it needs bi-annual maintenance to keep up with the added strain.

Touchstone Heating & Air, Inc. offers ductless maintenance services throughout Lake Butler, FL. If you haven’t scheduled fall maintenance for your ductless system yet, give us a call today.

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