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Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Home’s Air Quality


Over the past two years, a huge shift has taken place in how people live in their homes. I.e., they live in them a lot more now. With a massive shift to work-from-home, many homeowners have discovered aspects of their houses they didn’t know they needed to change, such as available work space. Many people also found out that their homes have poor air quality.

Low indoor air quality isn’t a new phenomenon, but its effects have become more noticeable as people spend more time in their homes. If you have concerns about your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ), you can start by asking yourself some questions:

“Does my home’s air feel stuffy, stale, and dusty?”

This is probably the first warning you’ll receive that your IAQ is subpar. Often these problems point to poor air circulation and lack of ventilation. Try opening windows as often as you can to allow fresh air to replace the stale air. Modern homes are so tightly built that they don’t “breathe” well, which leads to stuffy and stale indoor air.

“Does the house seem to always have too much dust?”

Letting dust accumulate in your house is one thing. If you’re making a concerted effort to keep your house dust-free, but it feels like an uphill battle, we recommend you look into having a whole-house air filtration system installed. This is different from the standard blower filter found on your HVAC unit. Speaking of which, if you find you have to change this filter extremely often because of dust build-up, that’s another sign to look into whole-house air filters.

“What health effects am I experiencing that may be due to poor IAQ?”

Your home’s air can be filled with a stew of various volatile organic compounds and chemicals, most of which come from products and building materials inside the home. These VOCs are responsible for many negative health effects. If you’re regularly experiencing the following, you probably need professional IAQ devices installed:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Snoring
  • Fatigue

“Does opening up the house more do enough to improve air quality?”

We already recommend attempting to bring in more fresh air into your home to help with IAQ. But this often isn’t enough, and opening up your home during intense heat will harm your comfort and your home’s energy efficiency. In this situation, you’ll probably need IAQ services to install an air filter and air purifier in Alachua, FL.

“Do I want an air filter or an air purifier?”

Good news: you can have both. In fact, you shouldn’t install an air purifier on its own without an air filter, since the filter does the job of catching larger particles and the air purifier handles smaller particles and makes the filter’s job easier. 

You won’t have to worry about finding the right type of IAQ devices and combinations, since this is a job best left to professionals. You can call our team to arrange for indoor air quality services that will find exactly what your home needs for fresh, healthy air.

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