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Pros and Cons of a Ductless Mini Split

If you’ve been thinking of ditching your more traditional forced air system for a ductless mini split, there are a few things you need to know first. While ductless mini splits offer a wide variety of unique benefits, there are also some downsides that it is important to consider before making the leap.

Just give our team a call when you’re ready to learn more about ductless mini splits in Alachua, FL. You can also keep reading to see why so many homeowners are switching to ductless heating and cooling.

Pros of a Ductless Mini Split

One reason many homeowners switch to a ductless mini split is for its energy efficiency. Ductless mini splits don’t require any ductwork, which means that 100% of the air being conditioned blows directly into your house. This is more energy efficient because air does not get lost in the attached ductwork.

Even with the best-sealed ductwork that has an efficient layout, inevitably some of the air that gets conditioned is left behind in your ductwork, meaning less of the air actually makes it to the walls of your home. You don’t have this problem with a ductless mini split, making it up to 50% more energy efficient compared to a ducted model.

Ductless mini splits also offer a level of personalization that you can’t achieve with a traditional forced air system. Just close the doors to various rooms in your home and each area can maintain its own individualized temperature compared to the rest of the house.

Cons of a Ductless Mini Split

It is important to consider that ductless mini splits are smaller versions of a large central system. Instead of completing maintenance for one single indoor unit, you have to complete maintenance for multiple smaller units. This means cleaning out the air filter, rinsing out the condensate drain lines, and generally paying attention to each unit’s individual operation.

As long as you are diligent about keeping up with maintenance, you shouldn’t have any major issues. But skipping out on homeowner maintenance or professional maintenance for a ductless system can cause problems quickly. 

Ductless mini splits are also more expensive compared to a large central unit. Although this upfront cost can be a turn off, it is important to also weigh the benefits of saving money from month to month on energy costs. The savings that you enjoy over the 10 to 15-year life of the unit could easily outweigh the additional upfront cost.

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