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My Air Filter is Wet: Do I Need Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioning system has an air filter in it that is there to protect the moving parts from dust and debris. If this air filter isn’t properly maintained it can cause a whole host of issues for your home. A common problem that we get called to repair is a wet air filter. Make sure that you call for professional air conditioning repair in Gainesville, FL whenever you have any issue with your system. Here at Touchstone Heating & Air, we wanted to put together a quick explanation about what could be causing the problem of a wet air filter.

Wet Air Filter

In order to cool the air in your home, your AC system passes the warm, moist air from your home over a series of evaporator coils. Similar to the way condensation forms on the outside of your glass on a hot day, condensation will also form on these evaporator coils. Normally, this condensation will drip down into a collector pan and rain away.

However, if the condensation pan or the drain lines get clogged then water can leak out and cause many problems for your home. One of the things that can happen is for the water to leak out and get absorbed by the air filter in your system. Not only can this cause mold in the air filter, but it will also likely restrict the flow of air through your system.

But this is just one possible explanation of what might be happening. It could also be that your AC system was installed poorly and the condensation from the evaporator coils somehow gets onto the air filter. It might also be that the air filter is installed in the wrong place. Either way, call for professional air conditioning repair in Gainesville, FL today.

How to Avoid a Wet Air Filter

There are a couple of different ways for you to potentially avoid getting a wet air filter in your AC system.

  • Get regular maintenance – One of the best ways to avoid air conditioning repair in general is to get your system regularly inspected and maintained by a pro. During regular maintenance visits, your AC technicians will look for any small issues that could be developing. They will fix these things before they cause further damage to your system and to your home.
  • Get professional installation – Another great thing to have done if you’re getting a new air conditioner installed is to get it done by a professional. This will allow you to avoid many repairs that result from bad installation work.

If you need air conditioning repair in Gainesville, FL, make sure that you call the friendly experts at Touchstone Heating & Air.

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