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Keep Your Cool with these Energy-Saving Tips

Here in Gainesville, FL, our air conditioners operate at full blast all cooling season long. How else are we supposed to stay cool? While we don’t encourage anyone to go without cooling for too long considering the power of the sun and the high moisture content looming in the air, you may want to reduce your energy costs. We all know how expensive cooling can be, and we want you to find a happy balance between comfort and efficiency. Here are some ways to keep cool as we enter the hottest part of the year.

1. Keep out the light.

If you want to reduce the amount of cooling that your home requires, what better way to do so than by reducing the amount of heat? Investing in proper shades and curtains and keeping them drawn while you’re at work during the day will help you trim summer cooling costs significantly.

2. (Slightly) raise the temperature.

Take a good hard look at your thermostat. Is there any wiggle-room? Can it be at 72 or even 73 instead of 68? You’d be surprised at how much even 2-3 degrees can impact your energy bill. You’ll be giving your AC a much-needed break as well, which is always welcome.

3. Consider a zone control system.

If you’re not currently taking advantage of zone control, then now’s the perfect time. This series of dampers and modifications to the air handler ensure that you only cool the rooms that are occupied. By customizing the temperature for each space individually, you can thereby cut down on the amount of electricity your AC requires. It also helps you avoid battles with loved ones over temperature differences.

4. Get a better thermostat.

If you’re still using an old manual thermostat, consider upgrading to a wireless, “smart” model that will give you some much-needed flexibility in how you cool your home.

5. Invest in your home comfort system.

Make sure that you sign up for routine air conditioning maintenance! This regular inspection, cleaning and tune-up will improve reliability and keep your system running efficiently for years to come.

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