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Indoor Air Quality in Homes Is Worse Than Ever—Here’s Why

woman-with-allergiesYou’re staying indoors much more these days. Probably much more than you ever expected or ever wanted. So it’s a good time to talk about indoor air quality—starting with the bad news.

Indoor air quality is worse today than ever before. In fact, studies in residential and commercial buildings have discovered that the air quality indoors is often three to four times worse than the air quality outdoors. That sounds like it goes against the basics of the idea of “air pollution,” but it’s a fact. Your own indoor air may be making your comfort and health worse, and that walk outside could do you some good.

But you still have to be indoors much of the time, so learning more about indoor air quality in Gainesville, FL and how to improve it is extremely worthwhile.

Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Awful Now?

With better technology, shouldn’t the air quality in homes have improved rather than worsened? Technology doesn’t advance at the same rate in all areas, which explains how homes ended up with worse air even as home construction got better. The modern home is built “tight” with heavy insulation and few air leaks. This boosts home energy efficiency because it prevents heat from entering during warm weather and from escaping in cold weather. When you’re in an old house and it feels drafty to you, you’re experiencing the outdated construction method that allows heat to easily escape.

The trouble with this tight construction is that it also traps air indoors and cuts off proper ventilation. Fresh air currents carry out the stale air from inside a house, taking many contaminants with them. The tighter construction ends up trapping contaminants inside and allowing them to build up in concentration.

Adding to the problem is the higher number of sources for indoor air pollutants. Numerous products, processes, and materials in a house create harmful contaminants: cosmetic products, hobby products, cleaning products, cooking, pesticides, vehicles in attached garages, paint, pressed wood. You probably have a large amount of formaldehyde circulating through your house this moment and not realize it. There are also chemicals and volatile organic compounds and harmful gases and dust mites and more. That’s plenty of unhealthy pollutants that are trapped indoors with you.

We Have Solutions

What can you do about this indoor air quality problem, aside from throwing open the windows and letting in all that heat? Plenty, actually. We install and service a range of indoor air quality devices that significantly reduce all types of airborne pollutants. Here are a few installations and services to help your indoor air quality:

  • Air filters
  • Air purification systems
  • UV germicidal lights
  • Duct cleaning

We don’t recommend trying to locate IAQ solutions on your own, since it takes professionals to find the exact type of strength of filter/purifier/etc. to tackle the specific issues in your house. You can trust us to find the best way to provide your family with fresh and healthy air all year.

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