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Finding the Most Efficient System for Air Conditioning Installation

Every whole-home appliance uses energy which is why it’s important to review the energy efficiency of a given system before installation. There are different rating systems for appliances and whole-home systems; for instance, heating systems use a rating called AFUE. When it comes to air conditioners, the rating to review is called SEER. Energy efficiency can, and should, be an important factor for any air conditioning installation in Lake City, and we’ll explain more about this below.

What Is SEER?

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. SEER is based on a scale of 1 to 23; the higher the SEER number, the better the energy efficiency of the unit. SEER tells you how much cooling a particular AC will provide for every unit of energy it uses.

SEER Minimums

In 2006, federal law mandated that all air conditioners have a minimum SEER of 13; prior to this, the minimum SEER was 10. If you are replacing an outdated system, you may see a significant savings from your new system because each SEER point higher can save you up to 10% on your annual cooling costs.

How SEER Works

SEER doesn’t tell you that one unit will cool your home better than another; what it tells you is that if you have two comparable units, and one has a SEER number of 13 and the other has a SEER number of 16, the unit with the SEER of 16 will cost you less to cool your space versus the unit with the lower SEER number. As such, the unit with the higher SEER number will save you more money by being a more energy efficient unit. However, a more efficient unit can cost more initially, so it’s important to balance between the monthly savings a particular unit can cost you and the initial costs.

Confused about SEER? Working with a trained expert can help ensure that you choose and install an air conditioner that has the energy efficiency you want for your home.

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