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Do I Need to Fill My Air Conditioner With Refrigerant?

Most people have a basic grasp of how their air conditioners work, enough to understand that refrigerant is the primary liquid used to keep the system operating. What far too few people understand, however, is how exactly refrigerant operates in the system. If you’re unsure whether or not you need to top off your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels, read on.


Refrigerant is not a single fluid, but a catch-all term that is used for any heat transfer fluid used in a variety of different systems. There are two air coils that make up the air conditioner, one installed inside and one installed outside. These two coils are connected by power and refrigerant lines, which allow them to work together. When operating, the indoor coil evaporates refrigerant to siphon thermal energy from the surrounding air. The refrigerant gas is then sent outside to the condenser coil, where it is converted back into liquid to vent heat out of the house. This is how an air conditioner cools a home.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is never consumed during the air conditioner’s operation. Instead, it is constantly cycled back and forth between the two units. So, the same amount of refrigerant given to the system at the beginning of its life, called the charge, should be sufficient to last it until the entire thing is replaced. The only time refrigerant needs to be refilled is because of a leak in the refrigerant line. This can rob the system of the fluid that it needs in order to operate. If you notice any kind of drop in your air conditioner output, or find any liquid dripping from the system, call for repairs right away.

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